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The Wikimedicine site is a project aiming at translating the French website Wikimedecine into English.


Being then an intra-hospital doctor in training, the creation of Wikimedicine in June 2014 extends a process carried out for the benefit of medical students at my university, aiming to give them the benefit of a personal work consisting of a synthesis of personal readings of the medical literature and reflections from my practice.

This site has no other ambition than to be an educational tool and to stimulate interest in clinical issues among others. It is mainly intended for medical students and, more marginally, for other audiences.


To avoid the shortcomings of other sites (editing wars, anonymous contributions, lack of required qualification, subjectivity set up as truth by "sourcing", sacrifice of the substance to commercial imperatives,...), the participativity of this wiki has been restricted and the popularization reduced to the minimum. You think you can improve the content of this site ? Contact me via this form, specifying your qualities (doctor, biologist, pharmacist, nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, student, patient, relative,...), the type of information you propose (Evidence Based update or correction, professional experience, personal experience, royalty free iconography,...) and the time you are ready to devote to it (one-off, punctual, regular contribution). If necessary, you will be granted publishing rights or your contribution will be integrated in your name (possibly anonymously for a contribution from patients or their relatives) into an existing article, a new article or a specific section. Please remember that the purpose of this site is to provide useful information to medical students.


Dr Shanan Khairi

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