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The editor of the Wikimedicine website is Dr Shanan Khairi, MD, physician practicing in Brussels (Belgium).

You can use this contact form if you are a healthcare professional or a trainee and wish to contribute to the content of the site. If necessary, you will be granted editing rights or your contribution will be integrated in your name (possibly anonymously for a patient's contribution) to an existing article, a new article or a specific section. However, do not forget that the purpose of this site remains above all to provide useful information for the (in)training of medical students.

Do not hesitate to contact me via this form for any question related to the administration of the site.

However, we receive many similar mails or questions that cannot be answered. Before contacting us, we ask you to consult our Disclaimers and FAQ sections. No answer will be given to questions related to a particular medical file.

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