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In accordance with Belgian law and European Union directives on privacy, the Wikimedecine website informs its users that it does not use cookies and respects their privacy.

  • The site is powered by the Mediawiki open-source content management system. This system does not install any cookies or collect any data from site visitors. You can read more about the Mediawiki software. It is hosted by the OVH company, which to our knowledge does not collect any visitor data either.
  • For the sole purpose of analyzing its traffic, the site uses the open source Matomo software installed on our own server. This software is configured in such a way as to use no cookies and to collect only anonymized data, which will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties. You can consult the information concerning Matomo's collection of anonymous data without cookies and its compliance with European legislation.
  • The contact form gives us your e-mail address so that we can reply to you. This is the only personal data that may be collected on this site, and only on your explicit initiative. E-mail addresses received in this way will not be used for any other purpose and will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties.
  • The open-source captcha software used as an anti-spam tool for the contact form and forum requires a cookie for its operation. However, it does not collect any data and can be deleted as soon as the e-mail is sent or the post is made.
  • All other functions on the site are powered by open-source software that installs no cookies and collects no data from site visitors.

Welcome to the wonderful world of open-source software, enabling webmasters to really take care of their visitors' privacy ;)