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All contributors to the Wikimedecine website agree to the following commitments when publishing any type of information on the site:

  • All contributions comply with the site's objectives as defined on Disclaimer and copyright: to stimulate interest in the clinic and to help inform and train students in the field of health, young practitioners and, more marginally, other audiences.
  • All contributions are made on a voluntary basis and do not constitute a basis for any claim to remuneration. The site itself is non-profit-making.
  • Any major contribution (new article or major revision of an existing article) to the site must be signed by its author. Except in special cases to be discussed with the site administrator, each author undertakes to briefly present his or her identity and qualifications on his or her user page.
  • Any contribution may be modified, reused or deleted by another user-editor or the site administrator within the framework of the site's activities. Whenever possible, however, it is preferable to notify the author of a contribution prior to any major modification and to obtain his or her agreement.
  • Any contribution published on the site may be reused outside the site by any reader in a strictly educational, non-mediatized and non-commercial context, provided that the source and author(s) are clearly identified and that the conditions set out in the Disclaimers and copyrights section are met.
  • Any mention of a complementary examination, treatment, institution or service of any kind may only be made on the basis of medical and/or educational considerations, and under no circumstances for advertising purposes.
  • No modifications to the site other than those necessary for your contributions may be made, and in all cases the site's architectural elements must be preserved.
  • You undertake not to post any contribution relating to a subject in which you would have any conflict of interest (in particular organic or financial links with a pharmaceutical or medical equipment company) without having obtained prior authorization from the site administrator, who will be the sole judge of its possible publication and of any warnings to be issued.
  • You undertake to comply with European legislation, in particular the provisions relating to the conditions laid down for freedom of expression and copyright. No copyrighted material may be published on the site without the express permission of the copyright holder.
  • No medical practice will be carried out via the site.

These commitments are equivalent to the legal conditions of publication of the site and engage your personal legal responsibility for each of your contributions.